Tips Lose Weight Quickly

Listed below are some fast Tips Lose Weight Quickly. These tips cover a wide range of topics to lose weight fastest, but what they have in common is that they all work. For more specific information on what works to tone your tummy or get a great set of "abs" see Belly Lose Weight

One of the first tips to lose weight quickly, is to increase your water consumption. Drinking large amounts of water daily, seems to "flush" your body - not only of poisons and other problem substances, but fat as well. So not only does your diet get a boost - so does your health!

The usual "healthy" recommendation is 8 cups per day. However, to lose weight the fastest way, I would recommend getting closer to 16 cups per day. Yes, that's a lot of water. However, you can do it with surprising ease, if you keep a 2 cup container of water next to you, all day - and just sip frequently.

The second tip to lose weight quickly, is to increase your daily calorie burn by exercising. Now before you tell me how much you hate to exercise, stop! When I say "exercise", I don't mean doing anything difficult or exhausting. You only have to increase your daily calorie usage by a significant amount, to see your body lose weight fast.

Think of activities you enjoy. It could be a sport (golf, tennis, hockey). It could be a full-body activity (swimming, dancing, gardening). Or it could be a physical errand (mall shopping from store to store, with constant walking). The key is to simply increase the time per week that you spend, doing an activity you already enjoy anyways!

The above "tips lose weight quickly" are easy to add to your daily routine. For Further Related Information see Tips Lose Weight Fast